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There is a story behind just about every chocolate in our store. Each one is hand made with love and reflects a part of our journey through life. We’ve got plenty of stories to tell, so keep coming back to learn more about the inspiration behind some of our most popular chocolates and what is going on in our chocolatey world.

It’s a journey…

It’s a journey…

If you’ve ever met Gerrard or heard him speak you’ll be familiar with the phrase “success isn’t a destination, it’s a journey”. He’s often speaking about his athletic pursuits in this context, but the same rings true when it comes to developing new flavours in the...

Colour & taste – do they work together?

Colour & taste – do they work together?

You may not realise, but colours have a huge impact on not only our appetites but how we experience taste. You’ll notice that fast food chains often feature the colours red and yellow; these colours are known to increase appetite, increasing the likelihood of you...

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