If you’ve ever met Gerrard or heard him speak you’ll be familiar with the phrase “success isn’t a destination, it’s a journey”. He’s often speaking about his athletic pursuits in this context, but the same rings true when it comes to developing new flavours in the chocolate kitchen (sometimes literally!).

Gerrard was in London about 10 years ago to participate in the London Marathon. Heather was able to join him, and the pair committed to visiting every chocolate shop between London and Belgium, culminating with a tour of the factory which produces Chocolate Moments’ raw chocolate in Belgium.

As you can imagine, it was no mean feat, but they managed to sample a not-to-be-disclosed amount of chocolates on this 400km journey crossing both land and sea. With each bite, Gerrard paused to ponder the flavour profile and consider whether he liked or disliked the chocolate and what exactly drove this decision. Heather, on the other hand, had a very simple ‘like/don’t like’ system in place.

Through this journey of biting and analysing, Gerrard was able to determine in his mind what made the perfect salted caramel flavour. On his return to Brisbane, he was straight in the kitchen experimenting with local ingredients to re-create this perfect salted caramel experience.

After six months of trial and error, the chocolate was able to pass the Gerrard taste test and was finally available in the store. Ever since then, it has been the most popular flavour, with the dark chocolate version proving particularly favourable.

Chocolate Moments never works from a recipe, meaning each flavour is developed in-house and maybe varies a little from batch to batch. 

The use of local produce also drives slight variations in taste, so make sure you keep coming back for more, maybe it will be different to last time! With taste as a marker for perfection, you can rest assured every Chocolate Moment will be a delicious one.